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That year I fought with the wilder side of my personality: I knew I shouldn’t knock back so much, but I always had fun when I did. And this time, rather than losing interest after two days, the longer I went without booze, the more determined I became.

To spur myself on, I Googled the effects of alcohol and read up on untimely deaths from liver cirrhosis.

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Fired up by a few weeks of sobriety, I decided to extend my detox to six months.

At first, my friends understood; most were dabbling in New Year detoxes themselves. People moaned ‘I don’t want boring, sober Laura — I want fun drunk Laura’.

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I lost friends, alienated people and missed out on family events, parties and even holidays.

My social life revolved around alcohol; it was normal for me not to remember nights out — and not to mind the hangovers the next morning. Having begun binge drinking at university — a blur of bar crawls — it continued into my 20s, as I embarked on my career as a writer.

Despite working full-time, I went out most evenings, always persuading friends to have another glass of wine (and another).

The situation was exacerbated by writing a newspaper column about single life in London — for two years I knocked back free champagne and cocktails at glamorous celebrity parties, and devoured ­bottles of wine during flashy dates.

On an average night out I drank several glasses of wine, a couple of cocktails, a few gin and tonics and sometimes shots of Jagermeister (a particularly repellent ­Nordic spirit).

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